The Wesen bring illustration, creativity and fluffiness to your home

Berlin is a unique city.

Both for its historical importance and for bringing together creative people from all over the world.

However, when the visitor wants to bring a souvenir from the German capital home, the options are the same as all the tourist cities on the planet: various knick-knacks made in China.

There is nothing more distant from the alternative and contemporary charm of this special city.

Having that in mind, we joined our efforts to offer a charming way of bringing a real Berliner home.

Meet the Wesen, the characters who put together illustration, history, photography, diversity, good humor and lots of fluffiness to bring Berlin to your home.

The Wesen are real Berliners
The Wesen are real Berliners

The Wesen are fluffy arm-and-legged cushions with a background story that makes it all so much more fun and interesting: they come from the Andromeda Galaxy and have everything to do with the beggining of the city of Berlin.

Each Wesen has its own personality and interests.

Three Wesen are taking part on the first assisted expedition:

Helga, a sarcastic Cosmic History teacher; the most intelligent and sophisticated Jean-Pierre, an Artificial Geniosity developer; and the fun Mia, a lovely Choreographer of News.

Mia, Jean-Pierre and Helga updating our social networks

Everybody can follow their day-to-day life in Berlin on Facebook and on Instagram.

Soon enough you are going to be able to bring your favorite Wesen to your home.

They are issued in limited edition, so, if you are already in love and wish to know when the clones are going to be available, register yourself here.

After the Wesen, Berlin will never be the same again. Neither will your home.

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