The Wesen were in Poland!

Last Month the Wesen visited Wrocław, in Poland. They enjoyed it a lot!

Indeed, Wrocław has several names: Breslau in German, Boroszló in Hungarian, Vratislavia in Latin, Breslávia in Portuguese… This happens because the city belonged to several countries throughout its history: Poland, Bohemia Kingdom, Austria, Prussia, Germany; since 1945 Wrocław belongs to Poland.

Helga was impressed with the history; there are lots of interesting Museums and a very important University; they have 11 Nobel Prizes!

Jean-Pierre liked the architecture and art; Wrocław is known as “The Venice of Poland” because of its 12 river islands and 130 bridges. He was also impressed by the number of theatres, Opera Houses, Art Galleries, etc

Mia loved to meet lots of people from several parts of the world; In Wrocław, there are also lots of bars, cafés and clubs (22% of unhabitants are university students).

See for yourselves if they weren’t having a lot of fun:




The Wesen also discovered a very interesting curiosity: the city is full of small gnomes made of bronze.

The characters have a variety of poses and professions. They were created in 2001 by an artistic group to remember the time when the country lived under the power of the iron curtain and the police erased the wall messages of protest against the government.

Art students were drawing gnomes instead. The Wesen loved the gnomes!





The Wesen loved Wrocław! Maybe some of their clones can come and live here in this wonderful city!

I know they would love that!

Come get to know more about Helga, Mia and Jean-Pierre in our profiles on the first expedition!

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We proudly present: our lovely Mia

At first, Mia wouldn’t take part on this expedition. Another Wesen was already approved and coming to our planet along with Helga an Jean-Pierre.

However, only a week before the departure, Mia had a very serious fight with her fiancé, which made her lose references.

The dear friend who would’ve come, gave Mia his spot so that she could change the atmosphere and gain new experiences (and maybe forget about the fiancé, right?!).

Maybe that’s why she is so funny… she is trying to get past her disappointment

Back in their planet, Mia is one of the most respected professionals in her area: she is a coreographer of the news. She communicates the news by dancing.

Because of her work, she is very attached to gestures and mimics. Curious, she appreciates both a classical ballet and hip hop dance. All kind of dances and movements are interesting for her.

That’s Mia in the berliner subway trying to tell us how much she loves it

Mia loves fashion, especially the pieces she finds in second-hand stores.

She is very lovely and doesn’t like being alone.

In addition to the night clubs, she loves to go to flea markets in the weekend (the one at Mauerpark is her favorite).

As you may have noticed, this girl is full of surprises and she is not at all discreet; she laughs out loud and with a lot of love and mimics involved.

She wants to enjoy this sabbatical as much as she can. That’s why she is never too tired of meeting new people and going to parties. Well, she’s young and full of energy…  #alwaysmoving

Come join Mia in this intense sabbatical on Earth and feel free to tell her what she should do to better enjoy her time here!

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We proudly present: our sophisticated Jean-Pierre

Jean-Pierre is very friendly and sophisticated. He loves the art of people watching.

He works as a Artificial Geniosity developer, but he is an eclectic man. Besides the natural sciences, Jean-Pierre is interested in everything related to art and aesthetics.

He loves visiting art museums and galleries, and enjoys going to operas, to the theater, to concerts and literary evenings.

As you may have noticed, Jean-Pierre also loves make-up (he is very amused by the various techniques and tendencies) and he uses to notice people’s hair.

As a fan of aesthetics, he likes to link the way people behave and dress themselves to their tastes and personality. According to him, it helps in his studies on artificial geniosity.

Eversince he noticed different reactions to him wearing make-up, he likes to observe – and often play with – our stereotypes.

Jean-Pierre appreciates fine cuisine and avoids fast food.

That’s why he doesn’t measure efforts to search for the best coffees, chocolates, breads and starred restaurants.

Jean-Pierre found the good chocolates in Berlin…

His favorite drink is white wine – he loves it in all its sparkling variations: Sekt, Cava, Prosseco and, sure, Champagne.

Young, Jean-Pierre is single. He took part on the expedition for a sabbatical period sponsored by the company in which he works as a researcher.

We noticed that Jean-Pierre likes to describe the people he meets. Sometimes he has doubts and ask the meaning of gestures, accessories, attitudes, and so on. #PeopleWatching

Come help Jean-Pierre to uncover people’s essence by looking past the steryotypes!

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We proudly present: our sarcastic Helga

Helga loves irony and sarcasm; she likes to make jokes about every little thing – not always at the right moment. (Really #ChandlerFeelings…)

She was married a few times, but after the last divorce she decided to take a sabbatical and spend some time on Earth.



Helga loves visiting breweries

She likes to go to pubs, bars, cafés and places where she can meet interesting people. She likes jazz, but hears mostly popular music – you know, those lyrics that talk about broken hearts, disappointments and betrayals. (Everyone’s been there, right?)

Back in their planet, she smokes dried petals of daisies – here she likes the smell of common cigarretes. She likes people, beer, espresso and to read thrillers.

She is a Cosmic History teacher, maybe that’s why she is also very interested in museums, monuments, old objects and all that refers to history.

She loves to explore Berlin’s history

Her favorite season of the year is the autumn.

In the summer, she suffers with the heat. She has very sensitive eyes, that’s why she is always wearing sunglasses (and that way she can take a good look at everything without being noticed).

Maybe because she has a strong bond with history, Helga is a little bit nostalgic.

She is always comparing her present experiences with something in her past. #FlashbackFeelings

She spends hours watching the birds (her favourite kind are crows) and is also a good companion for cats and dogs.

She uses rather public transportation or taxi, since she doesn’t know how to ride a bike.

Helga is very curious and always has a question about everything.

Come answer some of her questions about our world and our history!

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