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1. How do we pronounce Wesen? 

The official form of pronouncing Wesen is: [ˈveːzən].  It would be a little bit like you trying to say “Veezen”. But, hey, the important thing is, they can understand you telepathically either way.

2. Who are the Wesen? 

The Wesen are lovely creatures from a planet called Berlin (known by Earth scientists as KELT-2Ab, in Ariga Constellation, in the Andromeda Galaxy).

In Berlin, the machines make all the boring jobs and the Wesen make just the creative work. So, they need to increase their repertory of experiences. That’s why they use to come here for a sabbatical.

Here we explain the full story of the Wesen.

3. Why did the Wesen choose to visit Berlin, Germany?

Actually they came here centuries ago and were stuck in the swamp. Something happened to their travel machine and to the portal they were building.

Rumor has it, that only a big ammount of energy could reopen the portal. And that happened when the Berlin Wall came to fall. That’s why now they were able to come back to Earth through Berlin.

4. Why does the planet has the same name as the german city?

It is the city that has its name because of the planet.

When the Wesen arrived on Earth centuries ago, they got stuck in the swamp in the middle of nowere. They then tried to telepathically communicate with the locals and tell them that they came from the planet Berlin.

We don’t know how much of the story came really through, but we do know that the locals understood the word Berlin and associated it with swamp and also with the good vibe that was coming from the first Wesen ever on Earth.

The city got then this special word as name.

5. What language do the Wesen speak?

They don’t speak; they communicate telepathically.

6. What do the Wesen want?

They just want to live and experience life on Earth. They want to get to know cool places and people, live in human’s homes and make friends.

They also want to make the our houses more beautiful and funny!

7. Are all the Wesen the same?

No. Each one has a different personality, different interests, likes and dislikes, hobbies, professions, stories and talents.

8. How many Wesen are there?

Nobody knowsFrom time to time, the Wesen arrive in the city of Berlin through a secret portal.

They are always in groups of three, five or seven (prime numbers are their basis). We are kept informed by telepathy when new expeditions arrive and only then we get to know how many Wesen there are.

9. Where is the Portal?

In Berlin, Germany. But no one knows exactly where the secret portal is located, even we don’t.

If you find something suspicious, please share with us using #wesensecretportal   😉

10. Can I have a Wesen?

We are now developing a method to clone the Wesen, so, some time soon you will be able to adopt a Wesen.

11. How can I follow the Wesen’s experiences?

The Wesen communicate just telepathically; but they learned how to use social media to spread their experiences and to allow them to interact with humans.

You are all invited to follow the Wesen on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

There, they post their daily life, experiences and observations on this whole new world for them.

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