We proudly present: our sarcastic Helga

Helga loves irony and sarcasm; she likes to make jokes about every little thing – not always at the right moment. (Really #ChandlerFeelings…)

She was married a few times, but after the last divorce she decided to take a sabbatical and spend some time on Earth.



Helga loves visiting breweries

She likes to go to pubs, bars, cafés and places where she can meet interesting people. She likes jazz, but hears mostly popular music – you know, those lyrics that talk about broken hearts, disappointments and betrayals. (Everyone’s been there, right?)

Back in their planet, she smokes dried petals of daisies – here she likes the smell of common cigarretes. She likes people, beer, espresso and to read thrillers.

She is a Cosmic History teacher, maybe that’s why she is also very interested in museums, monuments, old objects and all that refers to history.

She loves to explore Berlin’s history

Her favorite season of the year is the autumn.

In the summer, she suffers with the heat. She has very sensitive eyes, that’s why she is always wearing sunglasses (and that way she can take a good look at everything without being noticed).

Maybe because she has a strong bond with history, Helga is a little bit nostalgic.

She is always comparing her present experiences with something in her past. #FlashbackFeelings

She spends hours watching the birds (her favourite kind are crows) and is also a good companion for cats and dogs.

She uses rather public transportation or taxi, since she doesn’t know how to ride a bike.

Helga is very curious and always has a question about everything.

Come answer some of her questions about our world and our history!

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