We proudly present: our sophisticated Jean-Pierre

Jean-Pierre is very friendly and sophisticated. He loves the art of people watching.

He works as a Artificial Geniosity developer, but he is an eclectic man. Besides the natural sciences, Jean-Pierre is interested in everything related to art and aesthetics.

He loves visiting art museums and galleries, and enjoys going to operas, to the theater, to concerts and literary evenings.

As you may have noticed, Jean-Pierre also loves make-up (he is very amused by the various techniques and tendencies) and he uses to notice people’s hair.

As a fan of aesthetics, he likes to link the way people behave and dress themselves to their tastes and personality. According to him, it helps in his studies on artificial geniosity.

Eversince he noticed different reactions to him wearing make-up, he likes to observe – and often play with – our stereotypes.

Jean-Pierre appreciates fine cuisine and avoids fast food.

That’s why he doesn’t measure efforts to search for the best coffees, chocolates, breads and starred restaurants.

Jean-Pierre found the good chocolates in Berlin…

His favorite drink is white wine – he loves it in all its sparkling variations: Sekt, Cava, Prosseco and, sure, Champagne.

Young, Jean-Pierre is single. He took part on the expedition for a sabbatical period sponsored by the company in which he works as a researcher.

We noticed that Jean-Pierre likes to describe the people he meets. Sometimes he has doubts and ask the meaning of gestures, accessories, attitudes, and so on. #PeopleWatching

Come help Jean-Pierre to uncover people’s essence by looking past the steryotypes!

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