We proudly present: our lovely Mia

At first, Mia wouldn’t take part on this expedition. Another Wesen was already approved and coming to our planet along with Helga an Jean-Pierre.

However, only a week before the departure, Mia had a very serious fight with her fiancé, which made her lose references.

The dear friend who would’ve come, gave Mia his spot so that she could change the atmosphere and gain new experiences (and maybe forget about the fiancé, right?!).

Maybe that’s why she is so funny… she is trying to get past her disappointment

Back in their planet, Mia is one of the most respected professionals in her area: she is a coreographer of the news. She communicates the news by dancing.

Because of her work, she is very attached to gestures and mimics. Curious, she appreciates both a classical ballet and hip hop dance. All kind of dances and movements are interesting for her.

That’s Mia in the berliner subway trying to tell us how much she loves it

Mia loves fashion, especially the pieces she finds in second-hand stores.

She is very lovely and doesn’t like being alone.

In addition to the night clubs, she loves to go to flea markets in the weekend (the one at Mauerpark is her favorite).

As you may have noticed, this girl is full of surprises and she is not at all discreet; she laughs out loud and with a lot of love and mimics involved.

She wants to enjoy this sabbatical as much as she can. That’s why she is never too tired of meeting new people and going to parties. Well, she’s young and full of energy…  #alwaysmoving

Come join Mia in this intense sabbatical on Earth and feel free to tell her what she should do to better enjoy her time here!

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