Our story

Hello there!

We are Nicole* and Ligia**, both brazilians, who for different reasons came to Berlin and fell in love at first sight with this amazing city.

Although we both live in and explore the city since 2011, we only met in 2015. What are the odds, right?

In our daily experiences in this city, we began to notice how the people in Berlin were exotic, different and fascinating. Well, sure, everyone can notice that!

But we took it to the next level:  we tried to communicate with this funny, odd and fascinating people. That’s when we found out, that some of them didn’t talk. This made them even more fascinating.

After years of trying, we were able to communicate with them. Telepathically.

At first we taught we were crazy (maybe you’re thinking that right now…), but then we discovered that both of us were able to talk telepathically with them. So we accepted our fate.

Together, we came to discover the story of the Wesen, as we began to call them.

What we found out was very interesting: the Wesen came from a planet called Berlin in the Andromeda Gallaxy. From time to time, they come to Earth for a sabbatical.

Great. But, wait… what?

Yes. Maybe you already know the full story of the Wesen, we told it here. If not,  you should definitely check the story of the Wesen.

Since it was our fate (or the result of our keen curiosity) to communicate with the Wesen, we decided to help them acquire even more experiences and insights.

We are teaching them how to use social media!

Our first assisted expedition just arrived: Helga, Mia and Jean-Pierre.

We helped them create an Instagram profile, since they love taking pictures of their experiences here.

We walk with the Wesen around the city, we ask them about their impressions and they ask questions about the city, the people and about us. After a few days we became best friends.

We are pretty sure you’re all gonna love them.

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*Ligia Fascioni is an electrical engineer and doctor in design management. She owns the blog ligiafascioni.com (one of the 10 best blogs in portuguese language in 2013, according to Deutsche Welle, The Bobs Awards) and published 8 books.

**Nicole Plauto is an economist graduated from the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin and co-owns the local and travel blog agendaberlim.com, the most influential blog about Berlin written in portuguese.