The Wesen were in Poland!

Last Month the Wesen visited Wrocław, in Poland. They enjoyed it a lot!

Indeed, Wrocław has several names: Breslau in German, Boroszló in Hungarian, Vratislavia in Latin, Breslávia in Portuguese… This happens because the city belonged to several countries throughout its history: Poland, Bohemia Kingdom, Austria, Prussia, Germany; since 1945 Wrocław belongs to Poland.

Helga was impressed with the history; there are lots of interesting Museums and a very important University; they have 11 Nobel Prizes!

Jean-Pierre liked the architecture and art; Wrocław is known as “The Venice of Poland” because of its 12 river islands and 130 bridges. He was also impressed by the number of theatres, Opera Houses, Art Galleries, etc

Mia loved to meet lots of people from several parts of the world; In Wrocław, there are also lots of bars, cafés and clubs (22% of unhabitants are university students).

See for yourselves if they weren’t having a lot of fun:




The Wesen also discovered a very interesting curiosity: the city is full of small gnomes made of bronze.

The characters have a variety of poses and professions. They were created in 2001 by an artistic group to remember the time when the country lived under the power of the iron curtain and the police erased the wall messages of protest against the government.

Art students were drawing gnomes instead. The Wesen loved the gnomes!





The Wesen loved Wrocław! Maybe some of their clones can come and live here in this wonderful city!

I know they would love that!

Come get to know more about Helga, Mia and Jean-Pierre in our profiles on the first expedition!

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