Who are the Wesen

A few centuries ago the inhabitants of a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy started to develop technology to explore other planets. For some unknown reason, they appeared on Earth right in the middle of a swamp. And they got stuck.

The locals saw them and thought they were gods. Well, don’t blame them: swamps were known as home to many different kinds of creatures, both good and evil.

There they were: the first Wesen to reach the Earth and they were stuck in the swamp. And they cannot talk.

Not so much time went by until the locals started to worship them. As the contact grew stronger, the Wesen managed to telepathically transmit a message to them.

They tried to explain by telepathy that they come from a planet called Berlin and that after their sabbatical they would automatically go back to their home planet. Unfortunately, what all the locals would understand, but not comprehend, was BERLIN.

Time goes by, the first Wesen to ever touch the Earth had long gone back to their planet, but the word BERLIN was forever stuck here. The locals named the swamp after this magical word. And that swamp became an amazingly interesting city.

No one had ever seen a Wesen in the city of Berlin since then. Rumor has it, that only a really powerful energy could reopen the portal between the planet Berlin and its homonymous city.

10 centuries later it seemed to be the case: in the 9th of November 1989, thousands of people were in the streets of Berlin claiming for a wall to fall. They barely knew that with the Mauerfall not only the city of Berlin was free, but also that it would become home to some very interesting Wesen.

Yes. For almost 30 years there are Wesen coming to Berlin to learn, to share, to exchange. They live in the city; they go to classes, go to work, ride the subway, go to parties and cafes, to museums and clubs and explore the amazing city they helped and help to build.

For the first time in history, someone has managed to communicate with them: that’s when we enter the story.

Living in Berlin since 2011, we could not help but to notice the Wesen among us.

Truth is, so long we have tried that we finally succeeded: we started to telepathically communicate with the Wesen.

And that’s how we can now tell their story. For years now we are getting to know different and amazing Wesen who come and go through their secret portal.

We thought that the world should know about them and not only: we thought the world should know them. Because they are actually pretty lovable. And that’s why we decided to help them communicate with people.

The first expedition we are welcoming is being taught to use social network. Now the Wesen can tell the world what comes to mind.

You should definitely get to know them!